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Recently, it was reported that Tesla had temporarily suspended orders of its flagship models - the Tesla Model S sedan and SUV, Model X SUV - in Australia. Now it appears as though this has extended to other countries too.

According to Tesla's official website, this order halt has now spread to include other countries including New Zealand Thailand and Singapore. As of this weekend, these nations' official Model S sedan and Model X SUV pages only show "Get Updates."

Thailand, Singapore and New Zealand all still accept orders for Model 3 sedans and Model Y SUVs from Tesla just like Australia does, according to Reuters article. Unfortunately it remains unclear as to why Tesla ceased taking orders for certain Model S or Model X cars in certain Asian-Pacific nations, though no explanation from Tesla has been offered as to this change in policy.

Tesla Model S and Model X models have long been market favorites, yet remain their flagship vehicles. But recently the Model 3 sedan and Y SUV have outshone them in sales performance.

Tesla released their Q1 2020 Vehicle Production and Delivery report which revealed that they sold 422,875 vehicles between January and March. This is an all-time record number with this figure composed mostly of Model 3s and Ys sold; deliveries for Model S/X had dropped 38% versus prior quarter.

Tesla has made aggressive adjustments to their vehicle prices this year. At their Q1 2023 earnings conference, CEO Elon Mots explained that while these cars may only make small profits now, if Tesla ever achieves autonomous driving.

Tesla stands in an exceptional strategic position: no other carmaker is capable of creating cars they can sell at zero profit while reaping enormous economic advantages from autonomy in the future. Musk noted: "I don't know how many people understand the significance of what I just said; however, it is extremely significant.

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