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Fremont's test track recently hosted a Tesla Model 3 Highland test car featuring significant interior design modifications.

Model 3 may no longer be Tesla's top seller, but it remains an integral component of sales. Customers looking for something smaller, sportier and more affordable often turn to Model 3. Additionally, Tesla recently confirmed a model from this next-gen series has already been seen testing at Fremont Test Track in California - providing even greater proof that its new generation Model 3s will soon become a hit!

Caliber197 uploaded a drone video showing their Model 3 Highland vehicle still undergoing testing at Fremont testing track today on YouTube, showing several laps before parking shortly thereafter.

Though the Model 3 is undoubtedly impressive, viewers have observed something peculiar when the drone briefly hovers above it as testing begins: when the driver swipes upward on their screen. This observation was shared on Reddit immediately following its discovery and since then has garnered many comments and votes.

Users have noticed that the Model 3 may soon receive a steering wheel similar to what can be found on a Tesla Semi.

Tesla has not provided details or teased specifications or design updates coming to its upcoming Model 3 generation; this may soon change; "Project Highland" which is due to enter production soon is yet unknown when exactly its sales date will occur.

Today marks a recent sighting that follows a series of viral videos and pictures featuring this car that have surfaced online over recent months. Reddit user unearthed an unconfirmed test car featuring facelifted fascia front and new headlights; as with previous images posted during these last few weeks, its identity remains unclear; though its similarities exist to test vehicles previously seen earlier in 2019.

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