Tesla Model 3 and Model Y Are Winners of Kelley Blue Book Cost to Own – Tesla Maison

Tesla is proud to receive Kelley Blue Book's 5-Year Cost to Own Awards for 2023, winning both Luxury Electric Car and Luxury Electric Suv categories respectively. This accolade proves their commitment to offering cars with low ownership costs; making them ideal options for discerning buyers.

Total Cost of Ownership: An Ever-Increasing Concern

Consumers today are more focused on total vehicle costs when making purchasing decisions. Fuel, maintenance and insurance costs vary considerably across car models; so choosing one that aligns with your long-term financial goals is vitally important.

Price Gap Between Electric Vehicles & Internal Combustion Engine Cars: Closing It

Electric vehicles have long been perceived to be more costly than their internal combustion engine counterparts, but Tesla's aggressive pricing strategies and incentives have shrunk this difference significantly, and now match those offered by competitors with internal combustion engines in some areas. Tesla continues to demonstrate cost advantages even as price parity between them closes further; known for reduced maintenance costs and environmental benefits.

Tesla's innovative design offers additional cost benefits.

Tesla is known for their groundbreaking designs that go beyond eco-friendly vehicles; their Model 3 and Y models were specifically created to reduce ownership costs over time, saving owners both money and hassle compared to traditional internal combustion engine (ICE) cars that require regular servicing of oil changes, gasoline purchases and transmission repairs.

Tesla vehicles are not only high performing and luxurious, but are also cost-effective to own and maintain. These awards serve to acknowledge Tesla's leadership position in the luxury EV market.

Tesla's five-Year Cost to Own Awards success in 2023 underscored their dedication to long-term value. Their innovative and cost-effective cars demonstrate that luxury can coexist with affordability; thus redefining electric car ownership. Their Model 3 and Y vehicles prove this theory and make an attractive option for eco-conscious car shoppers looking for budget-conscious options.

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