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Part 3 of Tesla's Master Plan detailed how the electric automaker intends to dominate the global market by ensuring sustainability. The Master Plan Part 3 included plans for mass production and volume projections for Cybertruck. It also contained details about other commercial vehicles. However, it did not include the Roadster.

Tesla Roadster is a company crown jewel, but some have been teasing it for so long that they wonder if it will ever be produced.

The third version of Tesla's Master Plan expanded its vision for how it can make a huge transition to sustainable powertrains across all markets. It also showed how it could produce a mass production forecast for its entire vehicle line.

It included key contributors to the plan, including the highly rumored compact sedan, that could be made at Mexico's Gigafactory, as well as commercial vehicle applications such as a van and two sizes of packs for the Semi.

Tesla Master Plan Part 3 has no Roadster. But there may be a reason.

It was missing the Roadster. This may have been because the Master Plan Part 3 was designed to help Tesla achieve its long-term goals.

The Roadster is a low-volume vehicle. It is expected to cost $250,000 and will feature SpaceX cold gas thrusters for face melting acceleration. Although it may have hovering capabilities it has been hampered by circumstances beyond Tesla's control.

The Roadster was set to begin deliveries in 2021. However, it was forced off the table by the COVID-19 pandemic which virtually disrupted every company in the sector. The Roadster was simply not an option for Tesla, which needed to be able to meet orders and survive supply chain constraints. Tesla moved production back to 2022.

2022 was gone, and Elon Musk, CEO, stated late last year that Tesla could make the vehicle this year provided it avoided any supply chain "mega drama."

The Roadster will not be available this year, however. Tesla will be focusing on Cybertruck production and ramping-up its factories for mass electrification. The Roadster is not a good fit.

Tesla's Chief Designer Franz von Holzhausen stated recently that Tesla was still developing the Roadster but it won't be ready for production this year.

"We are developing the car. As a company, we have priorities. The priorities are mass electrification. Roadster is not a mass-produced product. It is a niche product, so it does not fit in every market. However, we are trying to improve it. We've been able to improve almost every metric we had set out to establish since the first time we launched that.

The Master Plan Part 3 was released last night. While there were many details, the global fleet contained only mass-market vehicles. This will help the company to expand its car inventory.

The Roadster does not fit these plans so don't get discouraged if there are any updates.

However, it is understandable to be frustrated by the delay in the release of the vehicle. This is especially true when the vehicle continues to be delayed for many reasons. We hope that the vehicle will be available within the next few decades, even if it's slightly different from what was displayed in 2020 or what customers expect.

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