Tesla Giga Berlin is buzzing with activity as Q2 nears its conclusion. – Tesla Maison

Tesla's electric vehicles factories have been running smoothly during the final month of its second quarter, producing as many EVs as possible to reach production quota. Giga Berlin in particular is setting new production records.

Tesla remains one of the world's most captivating automakers, as evidenced by its many enthusiasts who observe its factories via drone flyovers. This trend was evident during construction phase of Gigafactory Shanghai as well.

Tobias Lindh, an avid Tesla enthusiast, has been keeping an eye on Giga Berlin. On June 7th he captured some scenes from their flyover video showing that employees are parking their vehicles frequently and supply trucks are constantly arriving at the factory.


Tesla Watcher video footage revealed Model Y units leaving their plant. Painted all-electric crossovers were loaded onto truck car carriers for transport. Model Ys were available in Deep Blue Metallic and Midnight Cherry Red hues; both looked extremely refined; Midnight Cherry Red stood out due to its dynamic colour changes that react to lighting.

Construction activities were also fascinating to witness at Gigafactory Berlin. Already an impressive factory, producing over 5,000 Model Ys each week at present; Tesla however still plans on optimizing this plant further; reports suggested they planned on increasing capacity by doubling production despite using equal water usage levels.

Tobias Lindh recently completed filming Giga in Berlin.


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