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A recent poll demonstrates that Tesla Cybertruck reservations still maintain strong intentions to buy, even years after being initially announced.

Not surprisingly, car reservation systems are increasing in popularity--particularly since Tesla made them part of its brand identity. Automakers can increase revenue by offering customers the ability to reserve vehicles in advance while automakers gain better insight into customer interest for new models and reduce storage space usage. A recent survey indicated that reservation holders remain committed to buying the Tesla Cybertruck even years after its debut was first announced.

Recurrent Auto conducted an initial survey to understand customer intentions for purchasing different reserved models last June and has updated it with replicated polling done more recently. Recurrent found that Tesla cars, including Cybertrucks had high intentions to purchase relative to other electric vehicles announced more recently.

Tesla Cybertruck reservations holders display strong "intent to purchase", according to a survey.
According to research findings, approximately 75% of Cybertruck reservation holders plan on purchasing their vehicle; this rate remains virtually unchanged since last season. Other vehicles with high "intent-to-buy" include Ford F-150 Lightning, Mustang Mach-E, and Aptera models; Chevrolet Silverado EV had the lowest intent-to-purchase, with only around 20% planning their purchase through reservation holders.

Unsurprisingly, truck purchasers held reservations for various brands - such as Ford F-150 Lightning and Rivian R1T.

Tesla Cybertruck buyers shouldn't have too long of a wait as production equipment at Giga Texas plant has recently come online and sightings of Cybertruck have increased indicating regulatory approval is near.

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