Jim Cramer recently labeled the Tesla Cybertruck "the Ugliest Truck". – Tesla Maison

It's true that Tesla Cybertruck has become one of the most anticipated vehicles of 2016, yet its controversial design may not have won universal praise. Wall Street veteran Jim Cramer believes it may only appeal to Elon Musk's most avid supporters.

Tesla's Q1 Update Letter for 2023 highlighted Giga Texas' production line as evidence that manufacturing would start soon for Cybertruck production, with Elon Musk confirming on the first quarter earnings conference call that there will be a special delivery event planned in Q3. Sooner rather than later - The Cybertruck will arrive.

Jim Cramer, host of CNBC shows Squawk on the Street and Mad Money, stated that car buyers would likely not see much value in Elon Musk's Cybertruck toy vehicle. Cramer commented, citing its cost and large battery as reasons why most consumers may find no use for such an expensive device.

Cramer was highly critical of Cybertruck, calling it both "hideous" and the ugliest truck he has seen. Cramer stated, however, "I'm sorry and I love Tesla". Cramer has since become a strong proponent of Tesla; initially a critic during its early stages but now an admirer.

Cramer made an interesting observation: Cybertruck is unlikely to appeal to the average truck buyer as most require them for work-related activities, like hauling branches and debris. Cramer noted this feature of truck ownership he observed: truck buyers prefer something capable of doing this work while Cybertruck customers might not.

Tesla made it clear to Cramer that their Cybertruck could do real, hard work despite his reservations. The vehicle is designed with exoskeletons and steel construction in mind; making the Cybertruck resilient and long-lived.

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