GM-Owned Electric Boat Company, Pure Watercraft, Considers Adopting Te – Tesla Maison

In a surprising development, Pure Watercraft, an electric boat manufacturer under the ownership of General Motors (GM), is reportedly considering utilizing Tesla Superchargers. While Tesla has recently opened its Supercharger network to legacy automakers like Ford and GM, this move indicates that non-automotive sectors are also eyeing the North American Charging Standard (NACS) for their charging needs.

Pure Watercraft, a startup specializing in electric water travel vehicles, including boats of various sizes for different applications, had previously collaborated with GM on the creation of a pontoon boat. Starting at $75,000 and available for a reservation fee of just $100, this venture showcased the potential of sustainable transportation on the water.

Following GM's recent agreement with Tesla, which grants access to 12,000 Supercharger locations for GM's electric vehicles starting next year, and the adoption of the NACS connector as a standard feature in their cars by 2025, Pure Watercraft seems inclined to follow suit and consider integrating the NACS connector into their electric boats.

This potential application of Tesla Superchargers in the boating industry adds an intriguing dimension to Tesla's commitment to expanding sustainable transportation. By venturing beyond automobiles and embracing other modes of transportation, Tesla continues to drive the adoption of clean energy solutions.

It is worth noting that GM holds a 25 percent stake in Pure Watercraft, further highlighting their commitment to promoting sustainability and zero-emissions mobility for future generations. The acquisition of this ownership stake aligns with GM's holistic approach toward widespread electric vehicle adoption, fostering a comprehensive ecosystem for sustainable transportation.

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