Elon Musk announces a Tesla Cybertruck Delivery Event scheduled for Th – Tesla Maison

Elon Musk announced during a call with investors on Wednesday that Tesla would deliver their long-awaited Cybertruck by the third quarter 2023.

Musk stated that volume production of Cybertruck would begin in summer 2019, even though its initial announcement happened more than three years ago.

Musk said on Wednesday that it takes time to set up the production line for Tesla vehicles. "This product is different," he noted. "It doesn't follow traditional manufacturing processes."

Elon Musk announces a Tesla Cybertruck Delivery Event scheduled for Third Quarter 2023.

Mr. Musk declined to provide updated specifications, such as range or special features, at his handover event. Instead, these details would be revealed then.

Musk states his belief in this product, saying: "I am confident in saying this is an amazing product and deserves to become part of history's Hall of Fame.

Tesla may have experienced delays due to their choice of stainless steel for their Cybertruck production process; its use is more costly than conventional auto industry steel and tends to return back to its original state, meaning stamping into parts like fenders or components is impossible; special welding methods also needed, making production of Tesla's Cybertruck more complex than its counterpart vehicles.

Cybertruck is so unique that even less critical parts such as windshield wipers must be custom made to order.

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