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No.01 Floor Mats

Our primary concern when purchasing used Teslas is safeguarding their resale price. While Teslas tend to retain their value over time, their value could drop if potential buyers perceive the floors to be dirty and dismal; unfortunately Tesla floor mats may not provide optimal protection in areas with heavy snowfall or rainfall.

Rubber mats make cleaning your Tesla easier and will help ensure it remains looking pristine for longer. Although there are various floor mat options, 3D Rubber floor mats work especially well because of their durability and spill protection properties.

No.02. Extra Sentry Mode Storage Space

SSDs can be used for longer periods of time and in harsher temperatures. A USB drive is a quick solution, but it may not be the best option. The drive can be connected directly to the USB port in the glovebox of the updated 2021 Model 3Y to prevent unauthorized access to it and your valuable footage.

Samsung T5 or Samsung Extreme are two solid SSDs that we have seen for a Tesla. Both SSDs seem to be able to withstand harsh temperatures and provide more than enough space for normal use.

No.03 Tesla Touchscreen Protector.

Anyone who has cracked their phone screen knows that replacing its protective cover is often far cheaper than purchasing an entirely new screen.

What happens if your Tesla's super integrated, massive touchscreen cracks? You will lose navigation, climate control and other features that make driving Teslas enjoyable. While you can still drive without touchscreen access, many features become unavailable to you and you might incur up to $1500 repair bills from service centers - screen protection would likely cost less than $50!

As the S/X screen size will change after 2021, touchscreen protectors can help protect your Tesla while also reducing annoying glare.

No.4 Portable Air Compressor

This accessory is essential for vehicles equipped with air-filled wheels (as per our non-scientific Venn Diagram, this includes ALL Teslas). Keep one in your trunk or frank at all times - no more carrying quarters home with you or needing an air compressor!

A digital compressor is ideal for inflating tires to the ideal pressure without needing to frequently check. Any 12V digital air compressor should suffice; just remember they usually only last 15-20 minutes before needing replacement

Cleaning supplies are an essential element to keeping a Tesla clean (#nopun intended!). While the car wash may help, nothing beats handwashing to protect its paintwork and keep an eye out for potential issues.

Make the most of your free time by keeping cleaning products and accessories handy to maximize productivity during spare moments. (We don't mind if you do that either; however, we prefer carwashes without having to stop for groceries first.).

Use a two-bucket system with mesh debris shield, microfiber towel, automotive shampoo and washing glove - it should provide enough supplies to give your Tesla an effective car wash.

No.06. Tesla Front License Plate Holder

States usually mandate that vehicles registered in their state display a front license plate. Although Elon may find these irritating, legally he must still display one when driving through Texas.

If you reside in an area requiring front license plates for Teslas, a non-marking license plate holder should not be overlooked. We advise against drilling holes into your Tesla as this could void paint warranties or cause rust to form on its bodywork if holes were to be drilled for front plates - we strongly suggest installing non-drillable license plate holders instead.

Teslas now come equipped with front plate holders secured using 3M adhesive, which is strong yet difficult to remove without creating a mess and requires more glue when reapplying the plate holder.

SnapPlate (formerly LivingTesla) is our top pick for front plate holders. Its unique mechanism enables it to be removed and reattached without damaging the lower grille, so something grabbing onto it won't break your grille instead of snapping off its plate holder - plus there is an affordable replacement part available as an added convenience!

The Model S Plaid is unique among cars in that its front plate comes preinstalled rather than stored away in its trunk, as Tesla cannot legally sell a Model S without one installed for crash testing purposes. Furthermore, Tesla installed these plates themselves so there should be no warranty issues with regard to bolt holes being visible and currently adhesive holders that attach plates cannot be easily removed without leaving visible bolt holes behind.

No.07. Door Edge Guards

Door edge guards can also help preserve resale values by protecting paint, door and Tesla panels against damage, as well as helping prevent inevitable dents that will occur over time.

Door edge guards can easily be installed onto the exterior edges of your Tesla, keeping its exterior edges looking polished.

Some may disagree with the look of edge guards; after all, they do create an interruption in your Tesla's otherwise sleek appearance. At TESBROS we found some barely visible Door Edge Guards while 3M also provides widely available sets.

No.08. Jack Pads

In order to protect your Tesla, jack pads provide nonslip surfaces for its lift points and help prevent damage to its skirting or battery compartment. They provide non-slip lift points while protecting from possible side skirting damage or battery compartment leakage.

Protecting your Tesla battery compartment should always be of top priority. Tucking away a set of jack pads in the trunk may provide peace of mind when changing tires; although Tesla does not sell such sets directly, TESBROS offers universal ones compatible with any model.

No.09. Tesla Car Key Fob Case

Model X, Model Y and Model 3 all include fobs that need to be safeguarded properly for best performance. You may also purchase additional fobs for Model Y and 3 (the latter has recently received one as of our check in 2022).

The Tesla key fob can also serve as an effective maintenance option (by tracking its location). But its long-term health may be compromised as it jingles around in your pocket or bag for extended periods (and may fall to the floor unexpectedly!), so why not protect it with a case to extend its lifespan?

Replacement key fobs for Model 3/Y are priced at $175 while those for the S and X cost more than $300; money better spent on #10 which promises more fun.

No.10. Game Controllers

While waiting for a Supercharger, playing video games may provide much-needed diversion.

Logitech F310 Wireless Controller is a reasonably priced accessory which will make an excellent addition to your Tesla for casual gamers looking for an easy plug-in solution which can remain stored inside their vehicle when not being used.

If you're an avid gamer or want something versatile for in and out of the home use, XBOX One controllers offer wired or wireless options; we advise using wires when possible as this will prevent connectivity issues from emerging.


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